A culture of destructive presumption at MCF & BCF

Presumption is a well known sin in Christendom. But at MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) they have made an art of it.

Presumption is, put simply, assuming that God is 100% behind the way you are following God. It’s claiming to hear from God and being 100% sure of it. It’s assuming your way is the right way. It’s assuming that we can take every Scripture so literally that we could literally die for it, like, every time.

Should we live like that? Of course not, but here, I’ll argue that that’s how we lived at MCF and BCF.

Scripture must always be read in the context of the ENTIRE Scriptures. It’s the reason that Jesus didn’t dive off a temple pinnacle: we don’t test the Lord our God to see if he will save us.

Well, the way I, and thousands of others, lived at MCF and BCF, was in a way of utter presumption that Vic Hall’s teachings were so literally true that we would sacrifice everything for them. Possibly even our literal lives.

For myself and my extended family, we sacrificed our own desires, numerous career and business opportunities, our finances, time with our own family and children and our relationships with friends and extended family. I can hardly forgive myself, let alone MCF and BCF for these loses that frequently bring tears.

Isn’t the Lord’s voice a still small voice? A lamp to our feet. It’s not a blow by blow list of rules for what to do next!

The problem with MCF and BCF congregants still stuck in these horrific cult churches is either (1) they haven’t realised yet that these types of sacrifices they themselves have made were completely unnecessarily or (2) they never actually made such sacrifices which explains why they are unsympathetic to our claims and losses.

All of these sacrifices were made under threat of loss of salvation of course. And were claimed by preaching and our own ‘guru’ elder to be for our good because it was ‘Idols’ we were sowing to.

But 99% of it is garbage.

The elders of course do NOT have sight for our idols and path any more than anyone else does.

The harmful point of presumption like this is that after 25 years (27 years now actually for those still in it) you just see the whole world in this manner.

The real world no longer has any meaning. If you give up everything you actually are interested in and are waiting for weird ‘imputations’ (miracles that go against logic) to run your life by, you never really know what to do.

You stop making decisions. You make stupid decisions. You live in a kind of super-spiritual stupor.

In the end there’s no difference at all to living without any regard to reality and being a good Christian. The effect of the preaching is that we all became really thoughtless Christians.

Here’s examples.

People close to me had heart problems, stents put in and were on drugs. But despite all the good that modern medicine had done they insisted on giving up their blood-thinning meds that were keeping them alive. only my begging of them got them to restart.

I myself was banned so much from stewarding my career that I really didn’t steward it at all for 10 years in obedience. I lost my mind, confidence, employability, respect, interest in life, finances and home.

Vic Hall is culpable.

But not everyone experienced this because some of us took their crap literally and others didn’t.

But because it was so gradual we did it. It’s incredible but we did it. Our particular guru elder is probably the biggest idiot on earth and we the next most.

MCF and BCF congregants: wake up!

Vic’s now preaching more utter crap.

Vic Hall is a hugely dangerous man.

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