A culture of destructive presumption at MCF & BCF

Presumption is a well known sin in Christendom. But at MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) they have made an art of it. Presumption is, put simply, assuming that God is 100% behind the way you are following God. It’s claiming to hear from God and being 100% sure of it. It’s assuming your way is theContinue reading “A culture of destructive presumption at MCF & BCF”

What the sessions looked like

The reasons for their cultish behavior when I asked in 2016 include the full spectrum: As a man, you were expected to ‘open your life’ up to the local elder and his apprentices about once every 3 or 4 weeks. While some elders were sensible and had a fireside chat, many other elders, including mine,Continue reading “What the sessions looked like”