So, what are we saying MCF?

MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) and BCF (Brisbane Christian Fellowship), you were a standard bearer in the modern day return-to-Biblical teachings move, despite your earlier cultish ways.

Come back to Scripture! Give up Vic Hall’s heresies which are simply not in the Bible.

We implore you. We miss you.

The Body of Christ needs you.

For now, Jeff & Annette Hammond, Phil & Jenny Baird, Justine & I and my father Charles will stand true to the restorationist word you have chosen to ignore. A word of Priesthood of All Believers and edification of the Body of Christ.

You cannot trust an eldership that systematically practices or preaches:

  • This is a ‘fathered word’. We have tested it. You cannot question it or ask us to theologically defend it or prove it to you.
  • You can’t properly understand it because you use Greek thinking. I, as Vic Hall, have a much more Jewish mind and I can understand it.
  • You are not accountable because you are not in leadership. You just deal with your accountabilities.
  • This is the present truth, we don’t need to preach on general Christian topics
  • Don’t use commentaries or read books by other Churches, non-BCF writers or para-ministries
  • Don’t steward your ministries. Just obey your admin leaders. We are hidden in Christ.

All of that is, lets be frank, utter garbage.

It’s only place is in a cult.

All self-controlled Christians understand that a leadership needs to be trusted in its decisions. But not when there is absolutely no transparency, codes of silence and no way to test whats coming out without gaining a black mark.

The alternative?

Believe me, we are loving our new church despite it only vaguely following on in a restorationist word.

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