How do I know I am right about MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship)?

Good question.

Well, 90% of my blog is lists of things the elders have DONE directly to me or friends. In only a few cases, I have listed second-hand accounts from people I don’t know, like Helen Pomery, but who have listed what the elders have done to the mainstream media. And I was against what occurred to her even from the MCF/BCF elders’ account themselves! (Why we stayed after that in 2004 is another matter that accounts for the grip this cult has on people.)

Please tell me if you think these things MCF and BCF have done are at all acceptable!

And the friends’ stories I have recounted in aggregate form, to protect their identities, are from friends that are of the upmost Christian integrity. Not worldly types at all. MCF and BCF were just horrible towards them.

At MCF, whenever someone left there would eventually be a semi-official account as to why, and it was always related to the word being too hard for them or some immoral living or such. But when we investigated the cases we always found out there were two-sides to the story, and, almost without exception, the elders were simply being too heavy handed and insisting on perfection or on having their opinion on ‘disputable matters’.

Should I be more discreet? Impossible with this group. They will not talk about it! They will not bring perpetrators together with victims. They preach codes of silence as part of their message. It’s a dangerous, hideous place unless you are one of the special few sold out ones or the silent majority.

So my conscience is 100% clear and if MCF wants to defend themselves they are welcome and I will retract this blog if they can negate the major claims I make.

And if not, then this blog sits alongside half-a-dozen other major sources (in fact, Open Letter is possibly the top or second-most detailed source now) that appears on the first page of Google hits to ‘Melbourne Christian Fellowship’ for the sake of a warning to all prudent people to stay away!

Additionally, in the year I left, 2016, I read and re-read the New Testament three or four times to determine if there was even a hint of the MCF/BCF way of living and ministering in the narrative accounts or teachings. The result of course was: absolutely not.

The false MCF/BCF teachings are simply Vic Hall’s reading between the lines to find secrets that are not possibly true because they violate other Scriptures.

For example, if it was really true that elder’s are supposed to force their opinions about men’s lives, ‘without our debating or question’ and at threat of hellfire, then why does Scripture tell us:

  1. To be gentle in counselling (Pro 15:1, James 3:17)?
  2. To not get involved in ‘disputable matters’ (Rom 14)
  3. Test ‘everything’ including prophecy. How much more ‘guru’ headship if it were true! (1 Thes 5:20,21)

Or what about the letter that the apostles in Jerusalem sent back to the Gentile churches in Antioch, Syria and Cilicia:

“It is my judgment, therefore, that we should not make it difficult for the Gentiles who are turning to God. 20 Instead we should write to them, telling them to abstain from food polluted by idols, from sexual immorality, from the meat of strangled animals and from blood”. 

Acts 15:19.20

The list of requirements was so few! But at MCF the list of requirements was so burdensome that EVERY thing you did needed to be checked with an elder.

You see, there are 100 ways in which Vic Hall’s teachings are wrong. They are not consistent with the rest of the New Testament at all. He was only interested in tingling our ears (for his benefit).

And, my father’s visions (2012 and 2019) have been very specific.

My conscience is clear.

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