Brisbane Christian Fellowship: Motivations

I’ve been posting about Brisbane Christian Fellowship’s (BCF) theology, claimed infallibility, abuses, retractions, warning signs and contradictions.

And all along I’ve been asking why we should have been expecting ‘new words’ and revelations and infallible directions from Vic Hall and BCF – given its origin in the failed MCF?

The reasonable explanation is of course: we shouldn’t have but were sucked in like boiling lobsters and captive audiences.

But what was Brisbane Christian Fellowship’s motivation?

Our motivation was obvious: we got excited about seeing the full gospel preached and enacted.

Living the Book of Acts is how I put it,

But what was/is Ray Jackson Snr’s & Vic Hall’s motivation?

It seems to me that all the side-aspects of MCF and BCF – youth ministry and song and home groups – were tacked on to make it look like a normal church but that the top leaders actually didn’t care about the flock.

They ONLY cared for continuing in their pontificating about ‘Administrations for the End of the Age’ and the global church and manchilds and so on.

All the evidence of the current abuses and earlier abuses by the top leaders at MCF and BCF confirms this.

Brisbane Christian Fellowship & MCF never cared about the flock.

They just wanted to be paid for sitting in their offices trying to come up with the next big thing.

Vic Hall never even claims that his Jesus visitations gave him any teachings.

Just rebukes.

The new theology pouring out of Vic and BCF is just him sitting at a desk and arguing finer points with his ‘Yes Man’-stacked presbytery.

So why do any of you at BCF and MCF continue to pay obeisance to him and his word? There’s absolutely no reason to. And every reason not to. Murray, Falky and Tucker are all gone.

It’s just Vic Hall and Peter Hay at Brisbane Christian Fellowship.

And in Melbourne it’s the ol’ delinquent MCF presbytery of Gary ‘It was only advice’ Worth and Bob ‘We discovered your secret sins’ Stevens. Plus the hairdo, Matt ‘I prefer to trust David Bonham’ Bellingham.

And Richie ‘The Isaac play was just about the historical Isaac’ Kaa.

Such a liar yet such a gifted musician and wonderful crafter of folksy banter.

Is that what you want to base your life on?

It’s crazy.

They are just very, very deceived, delinquent and egotistical people.

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