Brisbane Christian Fellowship: Present Truth

BCF (Brisbane Christian Fellowship) and MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) have a unique mode of, well everything, but running a church and their origin of teaching.

Brisbane Christian Fellowship has only preached on ONE topic now for 28 years since 1992.

I do not kid you.

I listed 20 or 30 sub-topics they preached on in an October post last year. But these covered ONLY A SINGLE ‘present truth’ topic: how to lay down your life to the elders. And of course it was a twisted theology that had elders creating crosses for you rather than situation or God. You had t ogive up stuff you wanted to do in the hope that God would resurrect it miraculously. They called it laying down and imputation.

Any other church would preach on general Godly living, finding God’s will, dealing with sin, family issues, growing in Christ, finding a ministry, leadership principles, end times, apologetics etc etc.

But not at BCF and MCF since Vic Hall.

If Brisbane Christian Fellowship can’t come up with a new sub-topic under the heading of laying down your life to the elders they will re-run an old one.

So not only did we live a life of control, when at church we were bored to tears hearing the same word on control every week. And at homegroup, youth group, men’s meetings etc.

It was a life of control and a theology of control to justify it.

There was no consideration for what the congregation needed. We were all sucked in as a captive audiance, most of us stuck in there through friends and relatives we knew we would be shut of from if we questioned – let alone left.

So if Brisbane Christian Fellowship couldn’t be bothered on teaching it, because of Vic’s control-freakishness – they didn’t even allow any of us younger or less glorified ones teach the other important stuff. If you suggested stuff like that you went further down into the black list.

We only accepted it because of the wicked manipulation of: “Your time will come when you are settled in this word. Trust God”.

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