What do I mean about a ‘Satanic-level of inactivity’?

I claim there’s a Satanic-level of inactivity going on at MCF/BCF.

What I’m alluding to is the fact that no one there has any plans.


Yes, they find activities that are kosher. Like endless sport and holidays.

But starting a business or stewarding a ministry is like living in a communist country.

At our new church every second person is working on a business or a ministry. Teenagers want to be missionaries and leaders. But at MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) these were all ‘naming yourself’ sins. You couldn’t want to be anything or contribute in a way that you knew you could.

Richie Kaa Jnr asked the MCF youth a few years ago: ‘Who wants to be a leader or a missionary’? Not one hand. Really healthy. No one at MCF has been to an outside BIble School (or any Bible School) for years.

In the year we left, 2016, at the Easter convention, good ol’ Jona Wills preached saying, word-for-word: ‘Do not steward your ministry’. Instead he added, ‘just do what your admin leader tells you to do. Our skills are hidden in Christ to be revealed’. When? In the hereafter?

To do anything you would need to work through with the leaders for years. And likely have it banned or done by someone else. All via wonderful eldership ‘sight’ of course.

The amount of second guessing was horrific. So you didn’t bother.

No one there is doing anything. Except for the elders kids who go from strength to strength. I’m not kidding.

You ask about people’s plans and there just aren’t any.

I call MCF the ‘Satanic Church of the Vegetative State’. It’s a place to sit down and die.

I stand by my claim that the level of activity at MCF, both Christian and secular-wise, is Satanically low, in the sense that people are locked up to do . . nothing.

Maybe let’s call it the Church of Seinfeld.

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