MCF conditioning keeps you trapped for decades

Many have warned us that cults like MCF and BCF keep you thinking the wrong way for decades. And that’s even appreciating God’s miraculous healing interventions because healing is often still a process, a walk.

I was skeptical because my realization I had been wrong about MCF came as a sudden epiphany (despite never agreeing with their Biblical proofs). And then I got REALLY angry with myself and them.

So I thought it meant my thinking would be instantly healed.

But, no, it’s really true. Five year later, despite some miracles and restoration, I am still stuck in some horrific and sad MCF modes of thinking.

I still can not get myself to EVER pray something totally normal for myself. If an answered prayer would end up giving ME something good, I don’t pray it.

Well, I pray it, but I can’t get myself to pray it sincerely.

MCF and BCF locked us into a suffering theology for so long we just don’t pray anything good for ourselves.

They taught us all our thoughts were idols. And we were taught that pro-self was self-naming and really evil. So you just stop praying for good things. It’s because the preaching on self-naming yourself to your own career or ministry plans or dreams was so forceful for like 15-20 years that you didn’t bother to have any plans. They would get shot down in seconds at meetings with elders. It was inhuman and preposterous. So you just didn’t bother even praying. Even praying felt selfish and evil.

After 25 years of living that way it becomes ingrained.

You think I am kidding? No. It wasn’t just teaching, but in all the counselling for 25 years, they never told me I ever had had a good thought.


MCF and BCF, you are a sick, sick, demented place.

I do pray for you despite the vast damage to my life caused by you and your manipulations.

I pray for you all as readers that we can learn to cast away such thoughts by applying Phil 4:6-8. Take those type of thoughts captive, name them for what they are (lies of the enemy), cast them away and think on all things good and edifying and wholesome instead. And pray soberly and realistically but in hope for good things even for yourself. And for your family and friends of course.

7 thoughts on “MCF conditioning keeps you trapped for decades

  1. Mate you need to settle the fuck down. The venom and anger in you ‘this far down the track’ is nothing more than self inflicted mental poison!

    If you want money than say that, don’t beat around the bush quoting every misdemeanor you’ve encountered since the doctor pulled you too hard at conception.
    Your consistency in writing so many consecutive years is because you haven’t got the money you asked for, be honest, it’s about money mate!
    Quoting bullshit scripture to justify your quest is a real pain in the dick to read.
    Be a man and pull yourself together.


    1. Wow!
      I’ve only ever recounted the truth of what I experienced Luke. And it’s gutted me losing 20-25 years of my life. I’m still hurting. But God has been good. Since then. Of course He was always there, and allowed this. But life’s gradually being restored is what I mean.

      Yes, I haven’t made a secret that restitution would help us in the natural.

      But spiritually I’m concerned for their good as well as my own and I still believe in the promise of the original word!

      If you’re not used to hearing the truth in a complicated case of 20 years of psychological spiritual abuse, this is what it sounds like.


    2. Hi Luke Harrison. You write like you know something about what Paul has gone through. Who are you? What is your story?


    3. Luke, maybe sone more examples might help you understand.

      For 25-ish years we were not able to bring up a normal desire or career plan or recount something we wanted to do or something we thought we could do to help or raise a Scripture we thought was encouraging. Unless it was related to Vic Hall’s latest theory.

      I don’t think you have any idea of what that was like because we submitted to it totally seriously all those years. We weren’t kidding.

      Held our minds to it. Were at every meeting 3 or 5 times a week.

      All to be treated like doormats for 25 years.

      And now lost almost every friend & acquaintance we ever had!

      Ignored dozens of career & business & travelling & ministry & stewardship opportunities and ‘imputed’ them away (to nothing) as a test. All done because they threatened us with hell fire. Lost our house and business opportunities and our work colleagues think we are twits.

      It’s all gone.
      It’s an entire adult life that is gone.
      I knew nothing else.

      You do not know what you are talking about.

      You think lives grow on trees? How would you like to add 25 years to your life right now and have it whistle past while imprisoned in a nut house like I was?

      Some of my friends did fine at MCF because they didn’t actually do what the elders said or had no plans. As long as they could watch the footy or go up to the Murray on holidays they were happy.

      That’s not all of us. The lockdown of my natural and spiritual life was 25 years of mind-numbing torture that brought me to tears multiple times a month.

      Luckily God is in the renovation business!


  2. Mate I sympathise with you on a level, but now it’s you who is keeping that pain alive. Reliving and having it top of your brain day in and day out isn’t healthy. Let it go mate, it’ll do you the world of good.


    1. Potentially true Luke. But don’t forget, I write this stuff and then go and live a normal life. In the writing I am oozing out how I feel about it. For the sake of others. For the perpetrator’s benefit. For insiders.

      But I don’t live it day to day anymore.


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