Vic Hall’s ‘Gospel of Sonship’ is heretical fan fiction

Fan fiction is of course similar stories written by fans usually continuing famous stories from beloved books and TV like Little Women or Star Trek.

Well, back around 2017 I read the Book of Mormon to help my understanding of that cult.

I hadn’t expected the level of similarity to the New Testament that it represents. The Book of Mormon is SHOCKINGLY similar to the New Testament. Stories of supposed apostles wandering around the Americas between 2200BC and 450AD preaching Christ. All written in the 19th century mind you.

So similar that I and my family all laughed that it was like fan fiction almost copied straight from the Book of Acts.

Then it struck me. That’s what Vic Hall is. He’s a fan fiction author.

Vic’s teachings read like fan fiction.

They sound like they could have been said by Jesus or the apostles.

They are almost consistent with the Bible.

But they aren’t. And we’re never said or implied by Jesus or the apostles.

There’s just no passages of Scripture commissioning an emphasis on meeting with elders to ‘open up your life’ for systematic input and control. And there’s no history of that activity directly or implied in the book of Acts or in the epistles in the way the early church lived and gathered.

Vic is a fan fiction author.

But it’s dangerous heresy he’s peddling. Locking down thousands of people’s lives to nothingness for almost 30 years now. Because at MCF/BCF you can’t do anything without endless sessions with the elders.

As soon as anyone mentions a plan in casual conversation at those churches the ears prick up.

‘Oh, I’ve worked it through with the elders’, is the defensive reply. How ridiculous to need to post-face a comment like that. That’s about plans in your own life, career, travel, hobbies and business.

If it was ministry? Ha! (Insert endless near-insane laughter). Nobody talks about ministry plans at MCF/BCF for 30 years now! It does not exist by definition because you need to be discovered by elders. You can’t have ideas yourself. That would be evil self-naming and idolatry.

Think about it MCF & BCF congregants.

Nobody at your churches does anything ministry-wise other than go to church! Or do some task outlined by elders. That means ministry is vastly limited. At other churches people actively create and support para-ministries which are incredibly fruitful.

Just think of how at BCF & MCF we’ve instead just been navel gazing for 30 years now.

And we’re all getting older and slowing down and dying. With nothing but pointless servitude as a legacy. At other churches so many are so energetic. We’re at least trying! So many young people becoming pastors and missionaries and youth leaders.

At MCF & BCF it’s only about indoctrination. You think about it. The youth are like young communist true believers without their own thinking at all. Us oldies sometimes get so pleased at the pretty good youth retention rate at MCF & BCF.

But at what cost?

Liberty. God-given humanity. Truth.

That means it’s not real.

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