Jesus never preached the BCF word

Think about it BCF & MCF congregants.

When did Jesus ever preach the BCF word?

Jesus went to great lengths in John 15-18 to explain the future to His disciples. About being linked to the true vine. About His resurrection. About the Holy Spirit.

“The Holy Spirit, another helper, will guide you and bring remembrance of everything I have taught you”

But does Jesus give any warning of Vic Hall’s coming ‘guru headship’?

Vic Hall calls it the ‘Gospel of Sonship’. Does Jesus ever talk about Vic’s Gospel of Sonship? He had great opportunity in John 15-18. Talking about being linked to the True Vine.

But Jesus didn’t.

If Vic’s teachings were true or important then Jesus would have told us.

‘Be linked to me by meeting with elders who have loving and wise sight for your life. Offer up and open your life to them. You will lose your life in their presence and give up every vain desire you ever had. They will help you lose your idols. But you will find Me. You will find your naming as you hear their counsel.’

There is nothing remotely like that said by Jesus or any epistle writer.

But Vic Hall would have us believe his word is so true and so important that all of Christendom has got it wrong and that is how we should be living our lives.

Of course Vic’s word is just something that sounds Scriptural but isn’t. It’s kind of ‘fan fiction’. It’s like the Book of Mormon. It sounds a bit like the Bible but it isn’t the Bible.

Vic Hall is creating his own Scripture.

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