MCF & BCF vastly limited ministry by everyday congregants and destroyed our spirits

I’ve commented here and there before that MCF & BCF did away with Scriptural ‘priesthood of all believers’. But many still in these cult churches will deny it and say ‘no, we can contribute at communion meetings & home groups’. But how? Only via regurgitations of Vic Hall word direction in prophecies, testimonies & preaching. We all learned what were the kosher contributions.

Only those consistently sticking to the party line were ever chosen to do anything apart from wash dishes or toilets.

It’s true.

Many of us had a heart for encouragement, edification, evangelism and ministry to children, youth or even general ministry or bible study but couldn’t get a foot in the door. After 20 or 30 years.

I know because I am thinking of lovely friends at MCF who used to be huge contributors whether quietly in the background or from the pulpit but got sidelined.

In the end only elder’s children and total sell-out groupies could contribute anything substantive. We all sat there watching them play the party line. It was disgusting in the end.

And what did it do to us INSIDE?

We all had dreams of simply wanting to CONTRIBUTE. Share our faith. Even in the background.

This unrighteous judging ended up amounting to HORRIFIC psychological abuse.

When you receive ZERO affirmation for 20 years it does something to your spirit. You lose all confidence. You no longer bother contributing. You can no longer make decisions.

You think I’m talking about ambitious types?

No, it was all types. I and my friends got destroyed and crushed. I could list 30 or 40 people and I include my wife and I and my father and a dozen close friends.

It affected not just our life in church but our entire lives. Often it was all accompanied with a destruction of any self-respect in our workplaces or the mission of our workplaces.

We became absolute nobodies. Life just stopped.

MCF & BCF are the epitome of a leadership that are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

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