What’s wrong with BCF (and its new decree re communion/’the agape meal’)?

For those not in the know, BCF & MCF are an initially potentially really solid Christian move that’s gone ultra-insular and ultra-controlling. And ultimately cult.

But what is it exactly that’s bad?

Well, it’s several things.

Primarily, BCF and MCF have got to the point that they trust the direction of a single leader, Vic Hall who has built a bunch of ‘Yes Men’ around him.

Now, every church has one man ultimately.

BUT most churches aren’t issuing ‘decrees’ about new teachings every few months!

New BCF teaching on communion

BCF and MCF are continually expecting and creating new teachings or revelations. This current one is that communion should not be a solemn sacrament with bread and wine but a fellowship around the preached word at church or home in small groups with any old food/supper you want.

Some of this is fine. Even edifying. And of course communion can be done in small groups.

But it’s the insistence that Christendom has DEFINITELY had it wrong all these years that is cultish. And that this is now the only way as Vic Hall pointed out at a webcast meeting a few months ago.

None of this makes sense according to the Scriptures. 1 Cor 11 maks it 100% clear that:

  • Communion is a solemn moment of personal reflection
  • That it is about a corporate gathering at church
  • A time of remembrance of Christ
  • It’s not a real meal
  • No indication of discussion

How Vic can turn that into supper around coffee and cakes at church and insist that the discussion is only around the word and NO talk about ‘the footy’ or my ‘plans for the weekend’ seems crazy. What about our humanity? It’s always humanity that BCF and MCF are trying to eliminate.

Not to mention the loss of a solemn moment of corporate but personal reflection and remembrance as Scripture indicates.

Vic’s turning communion into a remembrance of his ‘present word’ teachings. Not Christ’s sacrifice!

But there’s a bigger picture here.

Vic Hall has been coming up with new panaceas for 27 years now!

Every word we heard was always: this is it! This will rejuvenate us and bring us closer to an ‘administration of the fullness of times’.

But, no, every push of Vic Hall has always fizzled out.

We have done the most stupid things in the name of Vic Hall and given them all away as wrong or distractions or plain silly:

  • Tried to pigeon-hole what sort of ‘house’ we are
  • Tried to decide which vows and offerings we are doing in line with the 5 Levitical Offerings
  • Trusted we were feeding from two God-given Zechariah bowls of revelation (!)
  • Not steward our ministries (just obey your admin leaders!)
  • Trusted that elders should tell us what to do in our daily lives
  • Re-negotiate our marriages
  • Start local outreaches
  • Stop local outreaches
  • Tell our wives what to do
  • Stop telling our wives what to do
  • Tell our kids what to do
  • Stop telling our kids what to do
  • Start cafes
  • Stop cafes
  • And now re-think communion

Everything is brought in as a panacea except the gospel message of . . Jesus.

There’s nothing wrong with trying things.

But when the source of everything is one man and it’s uncritically accepted. And everyone else is always wrong.

That’s when it’s a cult.

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