I became a believer in Pentecostalism & Restorationism because the evidence was overwhelming

I did not switch from Lutheranism to Pentecostalism and Restorationism lightly or due to emotion.

Everything I saw or heard in testimony or preaching beautifully fit with Scripture and actually caused Scripture to dovetail within itself incredibly intricately and beautifully. And what it generated in our hearts and lives just added to this.

It was like finding the key to a treasure chest.

If you do not know what I mean, or why I say this, just ask in the comments section.

But the word from Vic Hall? From day one in 1993-ish it only ever was dubious, forced and shoehorned. And open to all sorts of misuse, control and partiality.

And was that impression ever accurate!

I challenge any of you in the MCF/BCF word to use Scripture to justify your beliefs!

Show us where Vic’s word is in Scripture!

Show us where it’s clarified and confirmed in how the early church lived!

But that’s not how it was taught to us. Instead we were indoctrinated gradually and told it was unbelieving to check it up ourselves or question it!

The opposite of the behaviour of the apostles and every single BIBLICAL restorationist move since Martin Luther, including the original MCF move itself.

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