The code of silence is why I blog on MCF/BCF

Thanks for all your well-wishes everyone. And even those who just want me to shut up!

I blog here because I lived under a code of silence for 25 years. That’s kind of my whole adult life.

I’m not doing that again!

It was horrific, depressing, sole-destroying , unbiblical and unnecessary. At MCF we couldn’t speak our mind or share our heart since 1993.

And it’s continuing. When you leave you get shunned because they don’t want others to know the truth. They cover up past horrors of control. Our friends just stick by the elders because one doubt is all that’s needed to become an outsider.

I don’t want what happened to me and hundreds of others to be just swept under the carpet.

We are getting on with our lives.

We are forgiving.

Even as they keep doing it! To us!

But that doesn’t mean it’s ‘closed-mouth time on the cross’ every day for everyone.

In this season I’m exposing MCF & BCF. Jesus did not keep his opinions about the Pharisees secret did he? No! Did David hold back from complaining about his enemies? No! Read Psalms 60-80. And how can someone pay restitution for something they didn’t know they did?

This cannot be swept under the carpet. It was unbiblical control originated by Vic Hall and BCF and stupidly run as a mantra by nitwits at MCF for 25 years and who are the same delinquent leaders that obeyed a known womaniser for the previous 25 years.

I’m not saying those leaders weren’t well-meaning initially or don’t love God. But they love group-speak and security and their positions more than God. Or the flock.

It’s no surprise then when I look back. I was unable to have a sensible discussion with an elder there since around 1993. Out of 20 discussions they always came back to unjustified theories instead of Bible. They stopped thinking themselves totally. Sad. Un-Berean.

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