How does MCF/BCF pull-off institutionalized bullying?

It struck me today that what MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) and BCF (Brisbane CF) essentially have managed to achieve is institutionalized bullying. But how do they manage it without tipping off everyone? Part of the answer is the new, un-Biblical theology has so many built-in excuses for bullying: You need to hear from outside yourselfContinue reading “How does MCF/BCF pull-off institutionalized bullying?”

Tim Maurice’s fall to the dark side

When I met Tim at MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) in the late 1990s he was a really nice young guy from Sydney, brimming with confidence and friendliness. But sometime around the 2000s he succumbed to the dark side, from everything I’ve seen and everything I’ve heard. He’s played major roles in Simon’s miseries and otherContinue reading “Tim Maurice’s fall to the dark side”

XCF churches are wolf-like and plain stupidly delinquent and childish

I just re-read my own post on the ‘farewell damnation’ letter to Simon Doyle (NCF/SCF) by an elder. Not only are these guys wolf-like. They are like babies. How you put up with it Richie (& everyone at MCF/XCF) I can’t fathom? Yes I can. It’s because you are not the kind-hearted fellow you putContinue reading “XCF churches are wolf-like and plain stupidly delinquent and childish”

There was something unique about our leaving

We were the only ones who – to my knowledge – ever left MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) ‘violently’. By ‘violently’ I mean with a big fuss. Why? I’m not trying to big note myself. Or air dirty laundry. I just want to know why. Everyone else – to my knowledge – didn’t try and rockContinue reading “There was something unique about our leaving”

MCF congregants, you act as if MCF is right irrespective of anything

The saddest thing about our friends we have left behind at MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) and BCF (Brisbane Christian Fellowship) is that, almost without exception, they act as if: MCF is right no matter what evidence is given MCF’s teachings are so important that the ends justify the means Even if you agree with us,Continue reading “MCF congregants, you act as if MCF is right irrespective of anything”

Is MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) changing?

I’m starting to hear (from a few ex-MCFers in contact with current MCFers) that ‘MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) is changing’. Is that true? Is it possible? Of course it would be wonderful if MCF was changing for the better (from their behaviour described in this blog). And of course I’ve got no idea from outsideContinue reading “Is MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) changing?”

Is this slander? Is it necessary?

I’m on an early pre-Christmas break so forgive my irregular postings this week. And soon we’ve got a multi-part testimony coming from Simon Doyle which really shows how unhealthy and un-Christian XCF is. Then . . and now. Well. in my mind, it’s not slander if it’s true. And my comments are just my recollectionContinue reading “Is this slander? Is it necessary?”

When did I know it was wrong?

When did I know the teaching and practice of guru headship was wrong? Interesting question. Because in some ways I knew the practice of it, by David Bonham and co, was wrong right from the start. So does that put the fault on me then? No, because MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) taught just as strongly,Continue reading “When did I know it was wrong?”

Led by the Spirit

Well, today’s MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship)/BCF (Brisbane CF) ‘devotion’ is all about being ‘Led by the Spirit’. Really? That’s it’s title but of course it’s somehow twisted to another ‘guru headship’ message! I kid you not: When Solomon said, ‘Let your head lack no oil’, he was implying that it is possible to forego theContinue reading “Led by the Spirit”

Victim mentality?

Oh MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship). You went on and on about your hatred of the ‘victim mentality’. But what other church (other than perhaps the Catholic Church) has so much (unholy) need to be against the victim mentality? Why should you have such hatred for victims that are seeking justice? Do you not understand howContinue reading “Victim mentality?”