XCF churches are wolf-like and plain stupidly delinquent and childish

I just re-read my own post on the ‘farewell damnation’ letter to Simon Doyle (NCF/SCF) by an elder.

Not only are these guys wolf-like.

They are like babies.

How you put up with it Richie (& everyone at MCF/XCF) I can’t fathom?

Yes I can. It’s because you are not the kind-hearted fellow you put on. You put convenience ahead of truth, Richie.

Everyone at MCF, you are under idiots, wolves and babies like the NCF/SCF elder.

When I first gave my evidence and testimony to Keith Tucker and Ray Jackson Jnr they were so compassionate. But although Keith remained sympathertic, the next time I spoke to Ray Jackson Jnr he put on the party line. Complete switcheroo!

I reiterated my story to him, sitting in his car outside his house since he assumed I would explode at him – and told him how Gary Worth and Bob Stevens had lied about the past and further baselessly provoked me – and he looked at me and for a second and I (stupidly) thought he was going to come clean!

Nope, with a straight face he said ‘if you can lay down in this you will be really strong.’

I told him, Ray, it’s over.

It’s over!

You guys mean almost nothing to me any more. I told this to the new presbytery already. I’m disgusted by you. I’m sad for YOU.

It’s OVER. I’m free of you. I’m not ‘laying down again’ ever again to you guys.

They are delinquent. Evil, babies.

Tomorrow I’ll have that disgusting Tim Maurice in my sights. I’ll remind you all how clear it was in the mid-2000s that he was lacking in wisdom and sucking up. A novice. I miss the good ol’ non-puffed up Tim who married my friend Eljah.

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