Will true unity come?

I’m a true believer (in John 17 etc), so yes. But how? And what will it look like? Well, only MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship)/BCF would believe that it’s going to be them, but what will it be? Will it be Grassroots Christians just coming alive (more in quantity & quality)? Leaders coming together? More agreementContinue reading “Will true unity come?”

The ‘Perfection’ thing. Was it a root cause?

Something I’ve alluded to a few times is that in both the earlier, pre-1988 incarnation of MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) and the post-1992 Vic Hall period, there was an varying emphasis on the ultimate ‘perfection of the Church’. This was always, to me, a no-brainer, that this was correct, as it’s based on the ScripturesContinue reading “The ‘Perfection’ thing. Was it a root cause?”

The promise of MCF

Because of, at least the theory of, multiple eldership, many of us stayed and continued to believe in the original promise that MCF preached . . despite the fall of several key players, including the founder of MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship), Ray Jackson Snr, and their exposure in 1988. The teachings, and promise, had beenContinue reading “The promise of MCF”