MCF is now based on a false gospel

MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) is based on a fundamental shoe-horning, by Vic Hall, of his ideas on identity and calling to not just be a major part of the gospel, but BE the gospel.

We got taught that the gospel WAS finding your naming, your purpose, your works. And you do that through your guru elder.

Of course, it was occasionally stated that the basic gospel included Jesus dying on the cross for us. But boy was it minimized and we rarely – if ever – talked about Christian basics at home group over a 25 year period post-1992.

Most of the wows were about the ‘present word’. We knew we would get lots of noddings from leaders if we said how fantastic the present word was. I do not remember anyone ever saying how awesome Jesus was to make His sacrifice for us.

Now at MCF, the Sunday School was fantastic Biblically, but the lesson guidelines on teaching emphasis frequently was MCF/BCF-ish (ie about naming and offering and sonship etc). But it was pretty solid.

So, it’s almost like they thought, we taught you Jesus at Sunday School, now we’ll talk about the ‘meat of the word’. Great. But it wasn’t. It was a game of words as clarified by my father’s 2019 vision about MCF.

The gospel of course is layered.

  • We meet Christ.
  • We are born again
  • We let Him become Lord in our life
  • We let him transform us.
  • We take up our cross.

Is any of that alien to any evangelical?

Of course not.

But at MCF they kept emphasizing that nobody else was teaching this.

MCF’s game was to put fancy words around those teachings and try and get you to believe that nobody else was doing it or teaching it.

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