Good memories of MCF

There were lots of good things about MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship). Mostly before the 1992 Vic Hall cult take over but not all.

  • We miss our friends at MCF
  • The congregation is so dedicated. Almost everyone was at everything. And a lot of the time we all really wanted to be there.
  • The early teaching was solid: early church like, everyone contributes. Multiple eldership. Restoration of all things. Clarity of understanding. Bible based.
  • The early practice of Priesthood of All Believers was great
  • The family Easter camps at Warnambool were fantastic in word and fellowship. We met in a huge circus tent from all over southern Australia and lived in caravans or tents. Fun concerts too. All of this got banned by Vic Hall of course.
  • Home groups originally fantastic. Everyone contributing. Until Vic Hall. NOw its Vic Hall book regurgitation and testimonies of giving up idols and how hopeless we all really are. Quite lifeless now. Fellowship was always good though.
  • Bible studies early on were edifying. Body of Christ. Eternal plans of God. Feasts of Israel. End times. Holy Spirit living. And so on.
  • Recent family camps for families with teenagers were fantastic. Great times with your billets. Not much fun for the kids unless you got billeted with families with kids though.
  • Lots of fun teaching Sunday School until they brought teach and plan by committee in. Really bad way to teach Sunday School.
  • Youth? Very cliquey in my day. And focused on band member talents. Later got better I think, by observation, but locked into Vic Hall word now.

Vic Hall. BCF presbytery. MCF presbytery. You are to blame.

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