NCF, this is the epitome of disgusting bullying presumption

The ‘letter of prophecy’ I’ve been given permission to publish, was written sometime in 2017/2018 to an ex-SCFer (Sydney Christian Fellowship), Simon Doyle, who used to worship at NCF (Newcastle Christian Fellowship, NSW).

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It’s typical of XCF.

It’s unforgivable misuse of leadership really, because prophecy is to be ‘tested’ and ‘weighed up’ (1 Cor 14:29) by the hearers. And there should be multiple prophecies for confirmation.

But at MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) and its off-shoots, it’s not like that. Instead, they think, as elders, that they have the Lord’s mind and sight ON TAP at all times. And it’s frequently prescriptive, thus negating the need for the hearer to seek the Lord on it. It is proclaimed. It is a done deal. It’s totally anti-Biblical. And the prophecies will always amazingly align with the current word being preached, and not particularly with Scripture.

While I was there I came to realize that this church believes that whatever comes to their mind AND IS RELATED TO THE PRESENT WORD PREACHED, then it IS the word of God. That’s how it works. But some of us have integrity. That’s why I was as quiet as a mouse and they blabbered like talk show hosts all those years.

In the prescriptive letter to Simon Doyle (ex-NCF/SCF), he is essentially damned to hell and not allowed to make his own decision where to attend church. And in a most ruthless and disgusting manner. And note the emphasis that there are no other worthy altars on earth other than XCF.

You do not need to know anything about Simon (it’s just irrelevant) but FYI, he’s a strong believer in Christ and His word and simply wanted to (and did!) marry his Christian girlfriend.

Can’t you see XCF, you are bullies!

You must have your way.

You must be right every time!

For now, we ‘see dimly’. Life wasn’t meant to be prescriptive and controlling like you want it. You are babes in Christ at best.

Reality check: you are just normal humans like us. You do not have special sight. If you had wisdom you might have some good advice but then it wouldn’t be prescriptive and bullying like this!

Grow up and act like true representatives of Christ!

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