Why did MCF fall again?

I truly think the MCF and BCF leaderships became puffed-up by a religious spirit, and strangely, simultaneously, became genuinely clueless and unprepared after the 1988 fall because they had never really needed to think for themselves under the poorly practiced multiple eldership model. Was it humility? False, learned humility perhaps.

None of this would matter if it were not for the wonderful restorationist word that had been taken up enthusiastically by numerous gifted couples from the 1950s to the 1980s, some of who turned out to be Yes Men, and others who, instead, stood up when the truth came out in 1988 (or earlier) and then similarly with Vic Hall’s fall into deception and egotism from 1992 onwards.

The religious spirit at MCF and BCF looks like the following.

Everyone at MCF is expectant for regular ‘new words’.

But, truth be told, time has shown that God unfolds in jumps with silence in-between.

God’s silence in between is probably to see what we do with it.

But by the late 1980s we’d stopped really doing anything with it and just wanted more ‘new’! We’d already closed-up, gone insular on a ‘fatherhood’, navel-gazing word. Fatherhood? But that was the problem! The older elders were locked into doing what their ‘father’ Jackson Snr told them to do. No real, Biblical multiple eldership.

And, when Ray Jackson Snr’s sins caught up with him in 1988 in Melbourne, Vic Hall in Brisbane was able to easily take over because of the cluelessness of the remaining senior Yes Men. It’s because those men were the men that put up with Jackson Snr despite knowing he was in sin! That’s why they fell for Vic Hall’s unproven word.

Why exactly? Because truth had no longer mattered to them for up to decades, only appearances and their comfy positions and pay-packets and car leases.

Meanwhile, after Vic Hall’s heretical messenger and guru headship word, Jeff Hammond, Tony Lyon and Phil Baird refused to compromise on truth and were kicked out or left.

It’s a sad tale but true.

But neither we, nor Jeff, nor the others have given up on the promise.

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