MCF, please give me the benefit of the doubt

Dear MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship),

I hope that you can forgive me for the explosive nature of my departure.

Although I do not apologise for my exposure of MCF’s psychologically abusive behaviours and lies and cover-ups over multiple decades, I do wish I had acted more calmly.

But several things you need to know that mitigated that:

  1. I was shocked at the MCF presbytery’s lack of trust in my report – after all our devotion to the Lord and MCF over 35 years. The presbytery was/is comprised of Gary Worth, Bob Stevens, Matt Bellingham’s and Richie Kaa). Only Richie Kaa showed genuine compassion and 100% believed me, although he later betrayed me horrifically in front of the presbytery.
  2. I was stunned by the 100% bare-faced lies by the presbytery. And the lack of admission by most of the four perpetrators of what they actually did and said during their psychological abuse of me over a 15-20 year period. And then their ignoring of Vic Hall’s edicts to make good to me including making restitution if they had over-stepped their mark.
  3. Nothing prepared me for the MCF congregation’s general lack of interest in what I reported. And apparent lack of interest that the elders had gone off track Biblically. Only three men talked with me for more than about 5 minutes about it. The rest of you just wanted to get away as quick as you could. After all we’ve been through together. And nobody went with me as a witness to the elders despite my numerous requests.
  4. I decided I was not going to hide the damage to my humanity. That’s why you saw me writing hundreds of emails and even yelling and crying.

Because damage to humanity is what MCF had almost decided didn’t matter.

But that is the key to MCF’s cultishness. Your leaders didn’t care about what they did to people. And didn’t care about the Scriptural basis of its activities. And wer, ultimately, completely unaccountable.

Gary Worth said (and I have two witnesses):

‘Unless it is sexual abuse we don’t want to know about it’.

Gary Worth (2016)

That’s how low the bar is at MCF.

So, forgive me for my excesses, please.

Instead, focus on my calmer pointing out where Vic Hall has gone wrong theologically and therefore pastorally. And how Justine, I and Charles, along with Jeff Hammond and Phil Baird, still share your original beliefs in restoration of the Body of Christ.

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