It was like prison but I forgive you.

I’ve never been to prison but it felt like imprisonment at MCF.

Yet I loved the place too. And the congregation. Like you all.

But not the

  • partiality
  • presumptions
  • shunnings
  • forced obedience to do NOTHING.

The forced obedience to do nothing – and At threat of loss of salvation.

That was horrific. Soul destroying. Month after month. Year after year. For 20-25 years.

The angst was so palpable. You had to tell yourself to calm down and trust the Lord. Whilst wanting to boil over every time they were harsh yet again. And worse every time. For 25 years.

See, maybe for those still there maybe you are not brimming with ideas for businesses or ministry it’s all OK. But you forget the harm to us. For us who are always coming up with ideas it was like prison. And for those whose marriages were banned, well we can only imagine how bad that is. There are people there who should have married outside of MCF but got locked into the cult. It’s still not too late.

I keep at this site once every 2 or 3 days because I want at least this record of what happened to be prominent on the web. I don’t want it forgotten and to drift way down onto page 5 of Google.

Not until something is done about it.

For the sake of my God given talents and opportunities and dignity which were trodden into mush. Into forgetfulness.

For the sake of those still in there.

MCF, please contact me and apologise and make restitution publically.

I want restoration with you.

Leaders of MCF & BCF: I forgive you.

I do.

I actually even like David Bonham deep down. His friendship with my father was genuine.

But while you are still doing it (still locking people up, still unrepentant, still shunning, still maintaining a code of silence, still un-Biblical, still banning marriages, still presumptuous about so-called ‘sight’, still holding a captive audience . . captive), for the sake of my dignity and losses and others, I cannot let this testimony drift into insignificance.

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